Gavi or Frenkie against Bayern?

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Gavi or Frenkie against Bayern?

Its a question roaming in everyone’s head. I don’t know what Xavi will do. But for me Frenkie should start the match. I am stating my points below :

▪Press Resistancy : When it comes to press resistancy, very few players are as good as Frenkie. His press resistancy is on another level and stats speak for himself. Bayern’s mid is extremely good. Probably one of the best in Europe and they play both with their brain and mind. So facing their press will be a big problem for us. Even if Bayern goes for aggressive pressing, Frenkie will be the best option to beat the press and exploit the space left behind. German teams are always good at pressing. If we evaluate the performance of our mid against Frankfurt, Gavi didn’t play well. There was no one to beat the press. No one to hold the tempo. Inclusion of Frenkie changed the game for us.

▪Technical Ability and Experience : Bayern’s mid is technically ahead of us. So we have to calm and composed. Frenkie is a better option here too. In big matches experience in mid is important. We don’t have a well experienced mid like Bayern. Experience in big games like this will come in handy. A single mistake can cost us the whole game.

After 60-70 minutes, when the opposition will be stressed out, we should sub off Frenkie and bring on Gavi or Kessie and use their physicality. Again Frenkie was very useful to us in our last match against Cadiz, playing as a second striker and constantly taking blind runs. He was everywhere in the field. So overall considering all aspects Frenkie is a better option to start.

Visca el Barca 💪

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