‘He’s two different guys’: Jorginho reveals what ‘perfectionist’ Tuchel is like

'He's two different guys': Jorginho reveals what 'perfectionist' Tuchel is like

Thomas Tuchel and Jorginho have built up quite the rapport with the Italian enjoying the best spell of his career under his new manager.

Speaking to, Jorginho has pulled back the curtain a bit and revealed what the German is like.

He said: “He is two different guys.

“The guy you see on the touchline is not the same guy outside the pitch. He is very friendly outside the pitch, and on the pitch he is focused and wants the best from us.

“He is a perfectionist. He works hard, and he tries to give his best to help everyone. He demands a lot because he knows what we can give.”

The balance that Tuchel has managed to strike between protecting his players and getting the best out of them is looking like the ideal situation for Chelsea to go on and win the biggest trophies this season!


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