Reece James’ house broken into during Zenit clash, robbers stole his UCL & Super Cup winners’ medal

Reece James' house broken into during Zenit clash, robbers stole his UCL & Super Cup winners' medal

Reece James was enjoying his football a couple of nights ago as Chelsea beat Zenit 1-0 in the Champions League.

However, while this game was going on, robbers broke into Reece’s house and stole some valuable possessions from the defender.

On Instagram, the right-back shared this statement: “On the evening of the 14th of September 2021 when I was playing for my club in the return of the Champions League, a group of cowardly robbers broke into my house.

“They managed to collectively lift a heavy safe containing some personal items of mine into their car. I never keep any jewellery of mine in my house so all that was contained in the safe were my Champions League winners medal and Super Cup winners medal and the runners up medal for the Euro 2020.

“These medals were won representing Chelsea and England – honours that can never be taken away from me whether or not I have the physical medals to prove it.

“Nevertheless, I am appealing to all my Chelsea and England fans to help identify and turn in these low life individuals who will never be able to rest easy as the evidence is mounting against them.

“The police, my advisers and Chelsea FC (and many others) are all behind me as we have firm leads on who the perpetrators are. We are closing in on them. Luckily, no one was present during the break-in but I want to let all of you know I am safe and well.

“I really do appreciate having the platform to tell you all about my misfortune and I hope together we can catch these individuals and deliver justice where it is due.”

The right-back shared videos of the robbers breaking into his property on his Instagram post.

Here’s a look at some of the images as caught by Reece’s security cameras:


There appear to have been 4 people that broke in


They looked for ways to get into the home


Before simply breaking in from what appears to be the back side of the house


And making away with the safe with help from another accomplice in a car

This is a horrible occurrence that should never happen to anyone – we’re glad that his family is safe and that the loss wasn’t greater.

We hope that the culprits are caught soon and that Reece gets his medals back.Source: reecejames @ Instagram


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UEFA Champions League

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