Andrés Iniesta on following Barça nowadays.

“Despite the remoteness, obviously I follow him as best I can. The games are very difficult to watch live because of the schedules. Then you do see the highlights, certain information.”

🎙Andrés Iniesta continues..

“And I am in contact with several colleagues, and we talk a lot. Jordi [Alba] and Busi [Busquets] are the ones I usually talk to the most. We talk about everything, not just football.”

🎙Andrés Iniesta on Ronald Koeman.

“The coach knows he is always predisposed to all situations. The moment he entered, it is clear that it wasn’t easy, nor is it now. Everything needs time. Hopefully he is lucky and the team finds line & good feelings, which he’ll surely do.”

🎙Andrés Iniesta on if Xavi is ready to succeed Koeman, be it now or in six months or in few years.

“I think so. If you ask if I imagine Xavi on the Barça bench, without being misinterpreted as you say it has to be now, everyone would agree that he is.”

🎙Andrés Iniesta continues..

“Especially since he (Xavi) has been preparing and is trained to coach Barça. He has the confidence to meet that challenge.”

🎙Andrés Iniesta on Lionel Messi’s departure.

“The only thing I can do is assess it from the outside, what happened or not only the people who were directly there know. It makes me strange, as I suppose many people, to see Leo with another shirt.”

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