‘Can’t be legal’: Arsenal fans love Emi Martinez for mercilessly taunting Ronaldo and Bruno at Old Trafford

Emi Martinez made all neutral fans proud with his exquisite sh*thousery against Manchester United but Arsenal fans, in particular, are delighted with his antics.

The former Gunners’ man was spotted taunting Cristiano Ronaldo to take a decisive penalty – even when Bruno Fernandes was in position!
Bruno ended up missing the last-gasp penalty, which meant Aston Villa won 1-0 at Old Trafford for the first time in 12 years.

That’s not all – after Bruno’s shocking miss, Emi turned around and did a h***ing dance in front of the home fans. And here’s how our fellow supporters reacted on Reddit:

johnnygrant: “Jeez, that kind of sh*thousery can’t be legal.”

obsterwankenobster: “I would love to find out that Emi has like 10,000 children.”

simba4141: “Asking Ronaldo to take that penalty….I need such kind of confidence in my life.”

raisonar: “Yes, he toyed with his brain. Bruno must already been feeling vulnerable due to Ronaldo and this talk was like a bazooka.”

Source: Reddit

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