‘I won’t say I was wrong’: Rio Ferdinand addresses his criticism of Jorginho in 2019

Jorginho has seen a huge upward curve in both his performances and his image over the course of 2021.

The midfielder has his critics eating their words after some truly stellar displays and 3 trophies to his name.

Rio Ferdinand, who in 2019 described Jorginho as a player that ‘can’t run’ spoke about his criticism to BT Sport.

He said: “He’s [Jorginho] been fantastic, won all there is to win, you can’t discredit that.”

“But if he was honest at the time [2019], you go back and rewind and understand the system he was playing in, it didn’t suit him so all of his weak attributes were being exploited because there were big spaces around him.

“But in this system, it very much backs up what he does, it’s much more condensed they’re much more of a unit, he’s actually got confidence to become an important member in this team.

“Hats off to him for his attitude withstanding that criticism, using it as inspiration to come through and do what he’s doing now. I won’t say I was wrong in what I said, at that time that was where he was.”

Whether Ferdinand can admit it or not, Jorginho is clearly one of the best midfielders in the world now and his criticism is a thing of the past.

Source: BT Sport

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