Sir Alex spotted, Van de Beek warms up for nothing & more: 8 episodes you might’ve missed in Aston Villa loss

One might think there wasn’t much that happened in the 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa but like any other game, this one had some interesting moments as well.

Despite the loss, Manchester United are just one point behind Liverpool, who are at the top of the Premier League standings at the moment.

Villa goalkeeper Emi Martinez’s antics were arguably the biggest talking point of the game but has compiled some moments that deserve a closer look:

Bruno supplies incredible pass

In addition to the following moment of brilliance, Bruno also created 10 chances during the game – his new personal best since joining the club.


Van de Beek warms up for nothing

Edinson Cavani and Donny van de Beek were warming up at the same time and while Edi came on, the latter never did. Which begs the question – why was he signed in the first place?


Ole’s reaction for most of the game

Can’t say our faces were any different.


Sir Alex spotted in stands

We love seeing Sir Alex at Old Trafford!


When Cristiano messed up a free-kick

Right before half-time, Bruno let Cristiano Ronaldo take a free kick amid a debate over who should be the designated taker. And as fate would have it, Ronaldo hit the wall.


Ole & players console Bruno

After he missed the last-minute penalty, Bruno Fernandes looked distraught but his teammates and manager offered him support.


Emi Martinez’s encounter with Ronaldo…

Even someone as annoying as Emi Martinez can’t ignore the GOAT after all!


…after this piece of sh*thousery

But we will never forget or forgive him for this.



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