The Oil Firm Derby coming off tomorrow, PSG – Man. City

Manchester City are in Paris for the Champions League group meeting with the team they beat in both legs of last season's semi-final

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain both tend to get lumped together as a modern football phenomenon – and tomorrow night’s clash has been predictably dubbed the Oil Firm derby.

But, while the takeovers by rich Middle East men has undoubtedly transformed the fortunes of both, the direction they have taken on the pitch – other than spending big money to achieve success – could not be more different.

And so, we see a City team funded by huge investment but founded on socialist principles – everyone pulling together, no superstars, no egos. Team is everything to Pep Guardiola, and woe betide anyone who steps out of that line.

On the other hand, PSG are a team with a split down the middle – one that has City-style team ethic, until you get to the front players, who are three world-class individuals desperately trying to find a way to work together.

At the weekend we had Guardiola praising Bernardo Silva for the way he has swallowed his disappointment at not getting the transfer he wanted, and covered every blade of grass at Stamford Bridge as the Blues overcame the reigning European champions on their own turf with a show of collective might and a well-oiled, exquisitely-balanced machine where every player is only measured in terms of the working whole.

At the same time, Kylian Mbappe was spotted complaining that Neymar “never passes to me” – and there are even suggestions he called the Brazil ace “a tramp”.

That may not be a major issue – PSG have played it down, and Angel Herrera laughed it off by pointing out that if he and Leandro Paredes have a row on the pitch, no-one cares.

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