1st Half. Benfica 1-0 Barca: LIVE Updates, Reactions, Stats, Ratings

1st half. Benfica 1-0 Barca: LIVE updates, reactions, stats, ratings
29 September 2021, 18:46, Dumitru P.
⏱️ 26-30′: Frenkie sends Memphis through with a good pass but Depay’s shot takes a deflection and goes wide. Corner played low but Frenkie’s shot is blocked. Luuk misses a huge chance from inside the penalty box.

cule4444 (Reddit): “Luuk de Jong somehow managed to be WORSE than we thought. How has he managed to make a living playing football this long.”

Blayasensat (Twitter): “Benfiac are defending badly, quite a lot, in fact. It appears that Barca cannot take advantage of it. Roberto on the right is no threat and the team lacks danger to trick Lisbon’s defensive line.”

⏱️ 21-25′: Benfica already in a deep block when out of possession as Barca crow around their penalty box. A few minutes in, the home side manage to get the ball under control.

nich2701 (Reddit): “There is no point to the attack. Loads of build-up but as soon as the ball is in the final third, the entire squad shrivels up like a c*ck in Siberia.”

⏱️ 16-20′: Pedri’s long ball reaches Roberto but Sergi cannot head it to the striker, intercepted by the goalkeeper. Pedri, again, with a shot from outside the box but it goes wide.

DianaKristinne (Twitter): “Y’all made Pedri shoot from distance! Do you understand the desperation level of that child in order to actually do that?”

historyhuhhh (Twitter): “Koeman really wants that sacking paycheck, ain’t no way he thinks this is his best line-up.”

FunkyFre5h (Reddit): “Apart from that brainfart at the start we are doing fine so far.”

⏱️ 11-15′: Incredible miss from Luuk who can’t send the ball into an empty net, great block by the defender, though. Roberto finds Frenkie inside the box but De Jong misses his shot.

Xemmafrendo (Twitter): “Luuk De Jong is going to have me in a clinical depression by the end of the season.”

ewankenobi (Reddit): “At least we’re creating chances. Still think we can win this.”

🟨 Pique booked.

⏱️ 4-10′: Benfica register another shot on goal but Ter Stegen saves it this time. Barca struggling to get into the opposite box. Memphis attempts a pass inside but it’s blocked by the defender.

anobrain_12 (Reddit): “We back to our reality after beating the sh*t Levante side.”

CuleDeCahmberi (Twitter): “Not even 3-5-2, the hell. 5-3-2. And don’t tell me anything. Five defenders against Benfica. And not the Benfica of Eusebio and Bela Guttman, no.”

⚽ 3′: Goal, Darvin Nunez. The Uruguayan easily beats Eric Garcia and shots to the near post, with Ter Stegen unable to do anything. Benfica 1-0 Barca.

black_bury (Reddit): “Stegen near post again smh.”

dermotmcorrigan (Twitter): “Pep’s unwillingness to use Eric Garcia at City was not just because he was heading back to Barca, seems pretty clear.”

⏰ Kick-off!

👀 The last time Barca played Benfica at the Estadio Da Luza was way back in 2012, with the Catalans winning 2-0. However, Barca’s last match at Benfica’s stadium was actually the 8-2 loss to Bayern Munich.

👉 Starting XI reminder

Barcelona XI (3-5-2): Ter Stegen – Araujo, Pique, Garcia – Roberto, F. de Jong, Busquets, Pedri, Dest – Memphis, L. de Jong.

Benfica XI: Vlachodimos – Verissimo, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Grimaldo – Weigl, Lazro, Mario – Yaremchuk, Silva, Nunez.

👋Hello Cules! Welcome to’s live coverage of the Champions League match between Benfica and Barcelona. What are your thoughts ahead of the clash? Let’s hear them in the comments👇


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