Full-time, Juventus 1-0 Chelsea: LIVE updates, reactions, stats, ratings & more

Full-time summary – Sloppy finishing and poor build-up costs the Blues

It’s all over here as Juventus edge the win against the defending champions. The first half was a tactical disasterclass as the wing backs and wide forwards provided nothing, with the midfield also looking lost without Kante or Mount.

The second half changed things up as the intensity increased. However, the early goal conceded rocked the Blues and such defensive lapses are not what we expect of this defence!

Lukaku and Havertz could easily have scored and on another day, the ball would be in the net but this wasn’t the day. There were some strong moments such as the early pressing and Hudson-Odoi’s crosses, but nothing went to the back of the net and that matters more.

It’s now 2 defeats in 2 big games for the Blues. The group is still one we will qualify from but Tuchel needs to take a lesson from the loss. We go again this weekend.

90+3′: Chelsea are giving it their all but their all is not enough. Sloppy passes, late runs, bad finishing – it’s just been an off night for the Blues here.

88′: Odoi with another great cross again but Havertz’s header is off target. Juventus just hanging on here as we have around 6 minutes to go with stoppage time remaining.

83′: Lukaku misses again!! Not the striker’s night here as he misses an easy chance by his standards. Juventus bring on Chiellini to close the game down.

80′: Lukaku wastes a golden chance on the break as his cross is too far for anyone to collect. Juventus’ tracking back and determination to block shots have stunned the Chelsea attack.

74′: Lukaku misses an open header!! Odoi’s cross is met by the striker but it’s wide. A rare mistake from Lukaku in what was his first real chance of the game. Ross Barkley is also on now.

71′: Well, Rudiger is now taking long shots which is never a good sign. The subs have made a difference but not enough to break this Juventus back 4 – maybe Werner can come on now?

65′: Chelsea’s intensity has picked up here but Tuchel does not look happy as the chances are not converted and Juventus are still dangerous on counters. The centre block from Juventus can’t be broken at the moment!

60′: Callum Hudson-Odoi, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Trevoh Chalobah are all coming on here as Tuchel looks to change things up. 30 minutes left to salvage something here.

59′: The attacks are now increasing as Chelsea get a hold of the ball for some sustained possession. No goal yet but it’s good to see some intensity here.

52′: The Blues trying to attack now but you get the feeling some individual brilliance is more likely to lead to a goal here. Juventus are not letting up and Lukaku has no space to move in the final third.

46′: Well, we spoke too soon – Chiesa chips over Mendy as Juventus score in the first 10 seconds of the half. Chelsea were caught napping here, absolutely horrible. Juventus 1-0 Chelsea!

Some work to do here…

Second-half begins: Chilwell has replaced Alonso and perhaps the Blues might revert to a back 4 now. Let’s hope things change here now!

Ratings for the first 45 minutes:

Ziyech: 3/10 – Why is he drifting to the central or left side when he is best as the right winger? The forward has not been involved in a good attack and needs to wake up and be better here.

Rudiger: 7/10 – Rudiger is playing in the opponent’s half and has completed a lot of passes here. Chiesa is causing him issues but largely, Rudiger has been there to stop the final shot or pass.

Kovacic: 3/10 – Misplaced 2 easy passes that could have cost the Blues big time. He’s playing as the deepest midfielder but his passing and vision are absent as each pass looks robotic and does nothing for the build up.

Havertz: 4/10 – His runs look uninspired and the physical Juventus defence are having their way with Havertz. Not the best game from him and he needs to help Lukaku more here.

Alonso and Azpi: 2/10 – Well, those were dreadful performances from the wide men. No creativity, no good runs, no passes that might actually test Juventus. Alonso has been especially horrible here and we would like to see Chilwell or Hudson-Odoi in.

Half-time: Chelsea could not get an attack going outside the first 10 minutes as Juventus have controlled the game with their defence and counters. Tuchel needs some personnel change here to come back in the second half.

41′: Chiesa is running circles around Chelsea here as even Rudiger can’t contain him. Juventus keep on attacking here and the Blues might welcome the half-time whistle here.

34′: Quite simply put, Chelsea have been horrible in the attack. The wide areas are not being used at all and the Juventus defence is not even letting air through them. Something needs to change here.

GCSTfrh (Reddit): “Chelsea looking like we’ve not recovered from the CIty game …attack is so bad!!!

29′: Chelsea have all the possession here but Juventus’ defence has now settled in and is not letting any balls through. The wide areas need to be exploited more here!

23′: The midfield pressing high is causing issues with Kovacic looking poor so far, lots of misplaced passes. Chelsea escape two major scares now and need to liven up at the back!

18′: Alonso’s poor game continues as he fouls Cuadrado for no reason during an attack – gets booked for it.

16′ Juventus have their first good attack but a poor pass spoils it as Chelsea escape a major scare. Chelsea are pressing high and the high line was caught out here!

10′: Chelsea are pressing really well in the opponent’s half and it’s worked wonders as Juventus have given the ball away multiple times so far. It’s all Blue at the moment in Turin.

Not a good start from Alonso though, who has made a couple of errors already..

7′: Chelsea continue to attack as Juventus can’t get into the game. Lukaku gets a shot away from a low corner but it’s saved.

3′: Good start from Chelsea as Kovacic gets the first shot on target. The Blues have more of the ball so far. Christensen’s strong tackle is well-appreciated!

Ttthetall: “Christensen full of confidence here, great to see.”

KICK-OFF: We’re underway at Turin here!

👋 Hi guys, this is Taha Memon and I’m in charge of Tribuna’s Live blog for today’s Champions League game! I’ll keep you updated with all the updates and reactions from this clash.

Here is Chelsea’s starting XI in case you missed it:

Juventus are not as strong as they were last season and will be without the services of stars like Paulo Dybala tonight. However, we cannot underestimate the team and it should be a good game!


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