Giorgio Chiellini: ‘Chelsea game is easiest we’ll play in recent weeks’

“Tomorrow is the easiest game we will play in recent weeks,” Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini said at a press conference ahead of the Champions League clash with Chelsea.

“These are great games because they’re easy to prepare for, the tension is at its highest and everything is at the highest level.

“We’re playing our first home match in the Champions League against the European champions, who strengthened since winning it, so it will be a great match, as difficult as it will be stimulating.”

Juventus failed to win their first four Serie A fixtures, although they have managed to steady the ship a bit by winning the last two games.

They are not the formidable side that reached two Champions League finals in the middle of the last decade but still have plenty of great players, including several Euro winners, including Chiellini himself.

Source: SportBIBLE

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