Giorgio Chiellini explains why Jorginho ‘fully deserves’ to win 2021 Ballon d’Or

“I truly hope he will be able to win it, because he’s a good friend of mine,” Juventus centre-back Giorgio Chiellini said about Jorginho’s chances to win Ballon d’Or this year.

“And it would also be an award that I will also feel is mine, being an Italian of course, and as a player involved in a win and emotions that will always be in our hearts.

“I’d always thought that Jorginho was a good player… Since (Italy boss Roberto) Mancini arrived and was able to give continuity, I was able to realise just how good he is and what a top player he really is.

“Maybe he doesn’t have the greatest physical qualities, but the real difference lies in his head and his mentality.

“I was really happy, because many people said he could only play with Sarri and instead two other coaches arrived at Chelsea – and also the Italian national team. So wherever he goes, wherever he plays, he’s a regular player.

“I’m really happy for him and he truly deserves to win that award. So I hope that he will be awarded the Ballon d’Or.”

As the only player to win both the Champions League and the Euros and play in both finals, Jorginho has a solid chance to win the award – even though he’s not the favourite to do so.

The Chelsea midfielder has already won UEFA’s Player of the Year award this season, but Lionel Messi is still the likeliest Ballon d’Or winner after leading Argentina to their first major trophy since 1993.

Source: Sky Sports

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