‘He has everything’: Thierry Henry applauds Conor Gallagher, details how to bring best out of player

Conor Gallagher had a great game for Crystal Palace yet again in their 1-1 draw against Brighton.

When asked on Sky Sports that what aspects of Gallagher’s game he admired most, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry’s answer was simple: “Everything!

“The way he puts pressure, the way he makes his team play, he makes the box. He has an eye for a goal at the minute, he’s way higher than when he used to play for West Brom on loan from Chelsea.

“I think he’s a player that loves to be unleashed, so let him go, let him go and put pressure, let him go and play, let him go and tackle.

“I thought he was outstanding. Conor Gallagher shouldn’t be at the end of a team that didn’t win the game today.”

Gallagher has scored 2 goals, assisted one more and earned 2 penalties in just 5 games for Palace this season. Let’s hope his top form continues!

Source: Sky Sports

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