‘We live in a free society’: Tuchel hints Kante was unvaccinated before getting Covid-19

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel said: “It would be easy to say that yes, players should get vaccinated and get the applause for lots of people. But do I have the right to say it?

“I’m not so sure. I can make the decision for myself. Vaccination seems to be proper protection. I am vaccinated, but I don’t really see myself in the proper position to speak out with recommendations.

“That would go too far. I’m a football coach, I’m not 100 per cent expert in this. Everyone is adult enough, we live in a free society. People can make their choices.

“We are not angry at N’Golo [Kante]. I’m concerned about him, I’m worried.”

At the same press conference, Tuchel confirmed that Kante had tested positive for Covid-19.

Earlier, it was reported that the Premier League players might face compulsory vaccination by October 1 to play football after that point.

The plan has apparently been scrapped, with only seven clubs having more than 50 per cent of their players fully vaccinated.

Source: Chelsea TV

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