‘Messi, Ronaldo look like drug addicts’: Global fans react as PES unveil new player faces

Pro Evolution Soccer is no longer the same.

We’ve always known this sports simulator as a game with outstanding graphics and exceptional visual quality… but look at those faces as Konami present the new game version called eFootball.

The reactions are quite on point.

“Depay looks like they’ve just altered Neymar’s face slightly and aged him… And Varane? Looks like Jordan’s special son Harvey!”

“I would sue them if I was Varane “

“I’m getting these vibes [Ronaldo’s ugly statue].”

“Varane looks like he’s on crack.”

“Pes are so realistic that they made Messi and Ronaldo look like aliens.”

“Who did this… [pic of Messi defending a free-kick but with a PES face].”

By the way, the new game is completely free for now as the developers haven’t yet added a career mode.


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