I played very good at  Right wings, that’s My favorite position – Ferran Torres

🎙[ Revista Barca]  Ferran Torres: “My favorite position? Right winger, where I played very good games but I also feel comfortable as a striker 9. The truth is I feel good in all three positions on attack.”

🎙Ferran: “After my game against Italy with Spain, Mateu Alemany called my agent to tell him that Barça wanted to sign me. When I found out, I said to my agent ‘Do whatever it takes, I want to sign in Barça’.”

Ferran: “Pep and Luis Enrique have a similar style, for me they are the best coaches in the world. I learned a lot from them, especially to play in all attacking positions.” 

🎙 Ferran: “Haaland and Mbappe? My mentality is that I can compete with them, I know how far I can go.” 

🎙 Ferran: “21 years old and I played in Valencia, Man City and now in Barça? You have to want to grow and be ambitious. What I achieved is good, but I have to fight for what comes next.”

🎙 Ferran: “Sharing a dressing room with other young players? It makes me look a little old  I really like to see their motivation, they pass it on to the other players.” 

🎙Ferran: “Man City is at a great level, but I’m ambitious and I want to help Barça get to where it deserves to be.”

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