Juventus agreed to pay Cristiano Ronaldo 20 million despite COVID- 19 Salary Reduction

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La Gazzetta dello Sport’ stated that investigators have spotted a secret document signed by Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo in which the club vowed to pay the Ronaldo 20 million euros in 2020, despite payment cuts due to the COVID- 19 epidemic.

After completing nine lengthy and successful seasons at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Turin, where he landed in the summer of 2018. With Juventus he went on to score a whopping 101 goals in 134 matches, until he decided to return to his formal Old Trafford for the 2021- 22 season.

A four- year conjuration in Italy in which the Portuguese star endured, like the rest of the world, the COVID- 19 epidemic, which paralysed football all over the world and compelled clubs to reduce their payments in the face of an unknown profitable crisis.

Like the rest of the players, the Portuguese striker also experienced this payment cut at Juventus, a payment reduction that could hide irregularities in the accounts. That’s what’ La Gazzetta dello Sport’ claims.
Supposedly, the Turin club have been under investigation for months for these contended irregularities in the accounts and, according to the forenamed media, these investigators have set up a secret document signed by Juve and Cristiano in which the club promised to pay the Portuguese striker an amount of 20 million euros despite the payment adjustment tailored during the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why now, according to the Italian newspaper, the investigation has concentrated on the alleged private documents that the club signed with the first team players during 2020, in an attempt to prove that Juve players didn’t actually waive their pays during the confinement, but received black money during the three months following the signing of the documents.

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